The Power of Testimonials

The Power of Testimonials

Okay so you are sitting in front of the TV and this newfangled “got to have gadget” comes on the tube and you hurriedly jot down the number, but before you make the call, you like 80% of the population search the internet for information and more importantly – user reviews/testimonials to help with your decision to purchase or not.

User testimonials are the life blood of any product or service. eBay feedback score is a great example of how testimonials can make or break a company. If 2 out 1000 feedbacks are negative then you are doing very well, but if its 2 out of 10 you may want to look for another profession.

Thankfully AutoXloo’s Dealer Management System gives you full control over not only what testimonials get displayed, but in which format. Our clients understand that textual testimonials are necessary for Search Engine Optimization and are used primarily for getting new visitors to your website while “Video” testimonials keep them there and influence the sale.

That’s right, video testimonials are the most powerful form of advertising for any product and/or service you offer. If a potential customer sees 5, 10, 50, 100 people tell them they should buy a car from your dealership what do you think your chances are your going to receive a phone call? I would have to say pretty good!

Now I know what you are thinking – this sounds great, but it must be complicated. Actually there is very little work on your part at all. Remember the user submits the written text and you can record the video at your desk upon completion of the sale right at your desk using a webcam (2.0 megapixel or better is recommended) and that’s it! Within 2 minutes you have one of the most influential advertising tools live on your website!

Look for future articles on how to create the perfect video testimonial!

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