Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads

While surfing the net, you may notice an ad appearing constantly on different websites. You may think this ad appears coincidentally, but that is not the case. These ads which appear throughout your websites are called retargeting ads. They will show you the product or service you have clicked on and viewed before. Retargeting is the most effective, powerful and speaking tool of the Internet advertising today. It allows you to target your ads to a wide variety of user categories as well as to display them to particular users. These users are the ones who showed their interest in your dealership, visited your dealer website or clicked on your inventory.

Retargeting brings back the potential buyer who noticed your vehicle. Suppose this buyer searched for an Audi Q5, then visited your website and viewed your car. The steps the user took already demonstrates his/her interest. Now when browsing the web the ad of this vehicle which the user viewed on your website will appear. It will remind him/her to return again for the purchase.

The retargeting tool motivates website visitors to return to your dealer website, to complete the transaction, and to make a new purchase. It also informs about promotional events, discounts, special offers and the related products (in addition to the vehicle, the service may be offered). Such tricks remarkably increase your sale opportunities. Car dealers should take the advantage of retargeting ads to promote their inventory and increase the conversion of visitors to buyers.

Today’s statistics and surveys state:

  • 70% of website visitors driven with the retargeting ads will most likely make a purchase;
  • the average click-through ratio for retargeting ads is about 0,7%. This is 10 times higher than display ads;
  • retargeting can lead to 1046% increase in brand search;
  • conversion rate can go up to 147% for certain industry sectors;
  • 26% increase of visitors who return to the website will follow through in the checkout process;
  • 3 out of 5 online shoppers in the USA notice retargeting ads for products and services they searched for on the other website pages.

How does it work?

A special piece of the code which can be one pixel only is set on your website. It is triggered with certain user actions like site visit, vehicle information view, registration, a button click, and so on. The code saves the user’s ID in his/her browser cookies or transmits the information to the third-party service such as the social network where the user is registered. Furthermore, the data is used on the other websites to display your inventory ad banners or to continue tracking. So when a customer visits your website where the platform supported banner is displayed the banner code reads the customer’s cookie. After that it provides the targeted ads based on the user’s identifier. It can be a personalized advertising generated either for the current user or for the given user category. Cookie’s lifetime is 30 days. If a visitor was not converted within this period of time, the ad won’t be displayed for him/her any longer. But if the conversion was made and a customer viewed something else, the ad will be changed.

You can choose different kinds of retargeted advertising. For example, search retargeting ads are based on users’ search queries in the search engines. So when a customer enters a certain car make or model, etc. to the search field he/she will see your ad in the search results. Personalized retargeting ads allow you to show a certain banner for a certain user. The ad is created on-the-fly and is based on the user’s behavior.

As you see retargeting is a highly productive tool in today’s Internet advertising. Its concept is not complicated but the benefit and the results are really impressive. Retargeting ads are aimed to convert a potential customer into a real client. There is no secret in their effective work as they catch up those people who showed interest in your brand.

Recently Google has announced awesome news: it launched cross-device retargeting for signed-in users. Thus the retargeting ads will be compliant with any mobile device or PC. So a customer who visited your dealer website from the computer will see your ads on his/her mobile phone or tablet. As the result, the sales are expected to bounce multi-fold.

Autoxloo will help your dealership when it comes to retargeting. You can promote your inventory and win more buyers by using retargeting ads solution. Our tools and approaches are unique, creative, and profitable. You will surely find your own gainful sides of this Internet marketing tool with our team, methods and software.

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