Online Car Buying

Online Car Buying

Consumers like purchasing online. Average vehicle buyer spends more than 18 hours surfing the Internet before visiting dealership. That’s why Autoxloo has implemented solution which reduces customers’ time, efforts & allows them to buy cars online.

Your customers are busy people, who typically know what they want. Unfortunately during online car buying process very often they have to rely on the pictures only. It’s hard for dealership to provide convenient and trusted car buying process if you are not allowed to show exact vehicle in real time. Instead of long explanations on customer’s enquiry over the phone, using our solution you can sell any vehicle based more than 200 miles away on the very first call. Travel your lead through the showroom in real-time and close the sale in no time.

Autoxloo Live Video Streaming™ is appropriate for all dealers who are looking to engage customers at the increasingly key research stage of the online car buying process. Prospects can now visit your showroom from the comfort of their own house. Our Live Video Streaming™ can quickly analyse online data and deliver key insights to ensure that any website visitor is connected to the representative. Despite each customers’ individual geo location and Internet quality, we assure that everyone will deliver high quality video streaming and imagine himself exactly in the showroom during the presentation.

Our LVS™ enables 1 to 1 live video between the customer and sales person. Imagine how it will be easy to do online car buying using just smartphone or iPad. It is not just words, it’s real. LVS™ is able to present the features of luxury car models to customers through Android or iOS devices. It’s totally responsive and available for every screen resolution.

Engage more ready-to-buy customers much earlier in the sales process with our LVS™. Make it more simple for customers to find you and enjoy online car buying process. We hope this article helped you to find the right solution. If you liked this article, then please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Posted: May 23, 2016 at 9:11 am | 774 views

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