Live Video Streaming™ Coming to a Dealership Near You!

Live Video Streaming™  Coming to a Dealership Near You!

Live video Streaming™ (LVS™) by Autoxloo is coming to car and commercial truck dealers all across the world. The LVS™ is the next lead generation / conversion evolutionary step past “live chat” and has become extremely popular with both Gen X an Y car buyers who are just too busy to waste time traveling from dealer to dealer. The Live Video Streaming™ application allows the sales person to show a potential customer any vehicle they have in stock in real time just as if the person were at the dealership themselves. Since the video only streams one way (dealership to consumer) the customer can take a video tour without any privacy concerns.

The way it works is very simple. The customer selects a vehicle they like then fills out a “request for live video tour” web form. An email is then generated automatically which contains a link to join the live video tour. Since the Autoxloo LVS™ consumer facing side is browser based the client does not have to run or install any software to view the presentation.

Service managers are also leveraging this new technology to increase their sales and customer loyalty. Now when a customers bring their car in for service the tech has the ability to show the customer any other recommended maintenance or repairs that are needed all in real time.  It’s a win win for everyone; the dealership gains the trust of the customer by being 100% transparent while the customer gets the convenience of being able to make an important decision without the hassle of driving to the dealership and waiting to speak with the service manager (which will more than likely end in the client refusing any “optional” service or repairs).

The LVS™ is fully integrated into the Autoxloo dealer marketing solution and will also be offered as a stand-alone product that can be easily added to any existing website platform. To view more information or to schedule a “live” demonstration simply contact us now!


Author: Joe Kramer, Vice President of Sales at Autoxloo


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