How To Keep Your Car Dealer Website in Top FORM?

To sell vehicles, your car dealer website needs to be in its greatest form. At Autoxloo we know how to get you there.

The form of your car dealer website

How To Keep Your Car Dealer Website in Top FORM? Fast
  • Make your website load in a matter of milliiseconds
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Diagnose and fix all of your car dealer website issues
  • Rank higher on Google’s search engine results
How To Keep Your Car Dealer Website in Top FORM? Optimized
  • Get more organic traffic with car dealer SEO
  • Promote your dealership to local customers that are looking to buy a vehicle now
  • Reach more customers online
How To Keep Your Car Dealer Website in Top FORM? Responsive
  • A car dealer website without bounds
  • Compatible with all devices all browsers and all operating systems
  • Responsive forms for more online participants
How To Keep Your Car Dealer Website in Top FORM? Modern
  • Class leading automotive software solution
  • Seamlessly manage the entire life cycle of a dealer’s inventory
  • Get faster inventory turns and more profit from every vehicle


Your website speed is the first impression that you make on a visitor and on Google as well. How long does it take your Vehicle Detail Page to fully load? Any amount of time that is more than 3 seconds, is considered “too long”.

There are certain things that can slow your website down and you might not even know about them:

  • extra large images and heavy file formats
  • It’s quite a challenge to have high-quality images that won’t overload your website at the same time. The way out of this can be achieved converting TIFF, BMP, JPEG and PNG files into JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP formats that have much better compression.

  • too many server requests
  • To handle this problem, we can minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files, thereby reducing the number of requests your site makes every time a user visits it.

  • unnecessary plugins
  • If you are offered a lot of options, it’s too hard to pick just a couple. The same thing with WordPress plugins. There are hundreds of them, and they are all too tempting. However, plugins can lead to slower loading times. Cleaning up the most unnecessary ones can help to increase your site’s page load speed.

Optimized for search engines

In 2019, search engine optimization is a given for most of the verticals. But the automotive vertical is a bit behind the rest. There are still lots of car dealers that don’t do SEO at all. So doing even some really basic SEO can make a massive difference in the visibility of your car dealer website.

Of course, at Autoxloo we have much more to offer than just basics. But the thing with SEO is that if you didn’t do the basic optimization, you just can’t move further and take advantage of “cool” stuff.

What SEO will give you? It will help you to rank higher on Google and other search engines, attracting more people to your website, creating online interactions, leads, and conversions. Also, it will improve your brand awareness and build an online reputation that will eventually bring people to your front door. Today’s automotive shopper’s journey begins online, SEO will help you to end it at your lot.


If your website has a responsive design, it will automatically resize depending on the device that is trying to access it. Would it be a smartphone, laptop, or a tablet, the user won’t even notice the resizing. They will just continue browsing your inventory and picking their future vehicle.

Google also appreciates responsive web sites because it complies with their mobile-first indexing. When Google sees that you care about your mobile visitors, they will reward you for that with higher rankings.


At Autoxloo we tell car dealers to expect more from their software providers. Because many of them still think of a website as a single-page online portfolio. But we create high-converting dealer websites that go far beyond that!

The top-notch technologies and latest features like Dealer Management System, Vehicle Inspection Report ™, Live Video Streaming™, Customer Relationship Management system, SimCasts™, and many others, turn our websites into standalone online showrooms where you can actually sell vehicles.

With the addition of our unified wholesale solution, we now have a complete all-in-one marketing platform to seamlessly manage the entire life cycle of your inventory all from a single dashboard.

Contact us today if you want your car dealer website to always be in its top form to get more customers and sell more cars.

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