How To Build Online Car Buyers’ Loyalty

How To Build Online Car Buyers' Loyalty

Has the Covid-19 modified the behavior of car buyers so much? Yes, the buying-selling process is changing, as well as how customers approach the vehicle’s shops. Before the lockdown, the car buyers visited the dealership, had direct contact with the sellers, and saw the cars they liked the most.

Being at the vehicle shop, potential buyers could try, drive, inspect, and touch the ones that most interested them. This process could be repeated as many times as necessary, in as many stores as the car buyers deemed appropriate. If the customer needed a vehicle condition report, it was as easy as taking the car to their trusted workshop.

In the past, for many customers, the Internet was just one more tool to use when they wanted to buy a vehicle but not the most important since they could go freely to the dealership without worries and limitations.

Times seem to have changed. With the new normality, we know that the behavior of potential car buyers is different, including how they search and visit dealerships.

Do Customers Want to Visit Dealerships With the Underlying Danger of the Covid-19?

The answer is no, automotive professionals already know that it is necessary to modify and adapt to the new needs because a vast majority of car buyers want to minimize the unnecessary trips to dealerships.

One of the best ways to solve this issue is to make your dealership more visible on the Internet and reinforce your online presence. Another critical point is to improve your image on the Internet and attract a more significant number of potential customers. Because when a car buyer wants to acquire a vehicle, in addition to obtaining the desired product, it is paramount for them to trust the dealership.

Increase Revenue & Consumer Confidence With Vehicle Inspection Report™

The inspection of the vehicle made with paper and pencil brings with it many drawbacks, including the lack of details, inconsistency, and less precision in the report. Let’s see the benefits of digital inspection and how you can use our VIR™ to create vehicle condition reports that will increase your sales.

With the Vehicle Inspection Report™ app, you will be able to inspect the car faster, more accurately, and in greater detail. You can also see the results of the evaluation instantly and share the data obtained from other devices. Your clients will be able to see in detail, and in real-time, all the data collected.

The potential car buyers will also be able to access features of the car that, with pencil and paper, could be overlooked. Give your potential clients the certainty that your dealership is transparent about the vehicles it sells.

Let’s explore in more detail why VIR™ from Autoxloo stands out from its competitors, and what are the characteristics that make our product the undisputed leader in the automotive market with thousands of dealerships using it daily worldwide.

How Does the Vehicle Inspection Report™ App Work?

When you are ready to create a vehicle condition report, open the application and select the part of the car to be inspected. If the car has any damage, it would be assessed from 0.1(Extra Rough) to 5.0(Extra Clean). When you have finished checking the necessary parts of the vehicle, you will get the total grading automatically.

The total grade is the average value of all summarized condition values of the car’s inspected areas. The Vehicle Inspection Report™ software will show the result in a different color depending on the total conclusion of the evaluation: Red to ‘Extra Rough’ and blue to ‘Spotless’.

Other valuable features of VIR™ are:

OBD2 Connectivity

  • The Autoxloo VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Reporting tool can connect to an OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic) reader through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The results of the onboard diagnostic will appear in your VIR™ application, thus increasing transparency in the report and, with it, customer satisfaction.
  • Paint Meter Readings

  • With VIR™ Paint Meter connectivity, it is possible to connect your mobile device with the VIR™ app installed to Extech CG304 via Bluetooth. This way, you can include in your report the most accurate information about the coating thickness. The process is straightforward. In the VIR™ Exterior tab, choose any of the vehicle’s sections with metallic coating you want to inspect, then connect your smartphone or tablet to the Extech CG304 and measure the coating thickness using the paint meter device. The measurement data will be saved in the corresponding tab.
  • VIN Decoding Capability

  • Just click on a scan VIN button and decode VIN directly from the vehicle.
  • You can also provide real-time data stream, storage, reports, and data distribution capabilities with the Vehicle Inspection Report™. Your customers will be able to see the vehicles in your inventory, to check all the details of the cars and make a fairer comparison before buying, thus increasing their trust for your dealership and with it the sales.

    More benefits of the VIR™ app:

    • Generate additional revenues by offering on and offsite vehicle inspections.
    • Build consumer confidence by providing highly accurate and detailed information about the actual condition of the vehicle.
    • Admin dashboard that allows you to manage all inventory.
    • Enter pricing information (starting bid, floor price, bid increment, buy now price).
    • Provide accurate and reliable assessments of a vehicle’s state and damage severity.
    • A user can see the condition of the car’s areas as well as the grading of each part.
    • The Grading System rates a vehicle within the range of 0.1 – 5.0, where 0.1 is ‘Extra Rough’ and 5.0 is ‘Extra Clean.’
    • Time saving application, inspector needs 5-7 minutes to finish the report.

    In summary, our Vehicle Inspection Report™ app means transparency, precision, and sales, try it now and discover all its advantages.

    With VIR™, you will definitely increase your sales and customer loyalty. Ask our experts about our products or visit the Vehicle Inspection Report™ page to learn more about each of the characteristics of this cutting-edge tool.

    Automotive professionals face new everyday challenges and obstacles that can be overcome working hand by hand with Autoxloo. See our detailed list of products and learn how to increase your online presence and visibility, customer loyalty, and thus, increase your sales with our vast range of products and services for your dealership NOW!

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