Does Your Website Perform Well?

Surely you have noticed that some websites load very quickly while others keep you waiting until a webpage shows fully. Sometimes it takes a long time and you are forced to close the page without waiting when the content loads.

The page load speed is an important parameter which influences the website usability, user-friendliness, performance and SEO promotion. For example, Google prefers to raise “light” websites in its search results since it helps users get the required information within a very short time. Website speed affects such behavioral factors as the bounce rate and visit depth. The faster a website loads, the better these performance specifications will be.

The average website loading time should not exceed 4 seconds. The best load speed is up to 2 seconds because this is the approximate time a patient user will wait until the information appears on the screen. 57% of visitors leave the page which loads more than 3 seconds. A progress bar can extend the expectation time up to 38 seconds. Though the load speed depends not only on a page weight, but also on the website performance. Thus, the website performance plays an essential role for the traffic volume and should be monitored and studied in detail.

In Autoxloo we examine the performance of our dealer websites all the time. Autoxloo tracks and controls the results to be above the average in the automotive niche. Thus, we improve our clients’ SEO positions and usability. For the best monitoring results we use such well-known speed evaluation tools as Pingdom Website Speed Test and Google PageSpeed Insights. They test a big number of website performance parameters, give quantitative estimations and provide recommendations on how to improve these results.

Google and Pingdom distribute all websites according to different characteristics into special zones marked with 3 colors. Green color identifies the sites with the acceptable parameters in most categories. Yellow zone means that your website is good but requires some improvements in the load time, performance or speed. Red area is the place to ring alarm bells because your website specifications are unacceptable.

We used the Pingdom Website Speed Test and Google PageSpeed Insights tests to analyze the main pages – Home, Inventory and Vehicle Details – of the top dealer websites including Autoxloo according to the following characteristics: the load time, performance grade and speed on mobile and desktop versions. The colored table given below shows that Autoxloo websites, whether they are responsive or not, mostly occupy green zone in all parameters. The website architecture and technologies we used allowed our sites to get the acceptable mark and high results. As for our competitors’ websites, many of them were not accepted with Pingdom and Google’s standards, so most of them got to yellow and red zones.

Now you can compare Autoxloo websites with the other dealer providers. As such parameters as the load time, performance grade and speed influence much on users’ visits to your site and search engine ranking results you can profit or suffer losses in your online business. Autoxloo offers you the effective tools and services for making visible improvements in your website loading speed and performance. Our products will help you be strong, confident and competitive in auto dealer market.

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Posted: January 16, 2017 at 9:47 am | 1,457 views

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