Digital Magazine Software for Dealers

Digital Magazine Software for Dealers

Visibility is the key factor in the sales funnel which either starts the purchase process or not. You can increase your vehicle inventory views in many ways: advertising campaigns, classified posting, social networks, aggregator websites, online auctions, etc., but all these sources depend on the Internet connection. Users can’t browse and see your inventory offline. If you want to be in touch with your target audience anywhere and anytime, try to use the digital magazine software or in other words, e-magazines.

E-magazine is a powerful marketing tool that will not only enhance the visibility of your inventory, but will also increase your brand awareness. It is an electronic brochure which illustrates your vehicles, prices, special offers, bonuses, discounts, etc. You can send e-magazine releases in personal emails, newsletters and mass mails or post them on your web pages and in social networks. Finally, any means distributing your content and promoting your dealership will work great.

By using E-magazine as a part of your marketing strategy you will have the following benefits:

  • A wide distribution of the content. Your vehicle inventory can get more eyeballs and thoughts of purchasing than ever.
  • Compactness and portability. E-magazines can be stored and carried on electronic, optical and other storage media with no requirements to much space.
  • User-friendliness. Electronic magazines are quickly and easily adjustable to any sizes for the most convenient reading.
  • Free distribution for both a sender and a recipient. You don’t need to worry about the extra expenses. Customers can also read them absolutely for free.
  • No boundaries. You can send electronic magazines anywhere and anytime.
  • An immediate delivery. To get paper newspapers or magazines your readers need to go to the stores or wait until they come by post. E-magazines save your customers from additional efforts and expectations.
  • Less time on releases compared to the paper periodicals. Traditionally it takes a week to release an electronic magazine and several months to prepare a paper copy for publication.
  • Printing, sending, sharing, etc. E-magazines allow your readers to do all of this without efforts and pains. Separate pages can sometimes do more work than the bulk of paper.
  • Offline reading. Users can download your e-magazine to a PC or any mobile device and look it through even being offline.
  • An environmental friendliness. E-magazines don’t require wood consumption on their production. They are 100% eco-friendly.
  • A strong competitor. Not every dealership has the courage to issue periodicals because they are time-sapping and require a lot of resources. Stand out of the crowd, show your customers and competitors your potential and results.

Autoxloo offers dealerships its professional services on creation of unique, individual and business effective E-magazines. You have an opportunity to promote your brand with outstanding and up-to-date design for your inventory.

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