Dealers Looking for New Ways to Sell More Cars.

Dealers Looking for New Ways to Sell More Cars.

As a former dealer principle I can tell you first-hand the two most important aspects of running a dealership is lead generation and customer service. Do to the high cost and relatively disappointing ROI of some of the more popular online aggregator platforms like Autotrader and dealers have been looking for less expensive more dynamic ways to generate leads.

A new trend first offered by Autoxloo Dealer Management Solutions has been steadily gaining recognition and acceptance amongst dealer groups across the country. Dealers are now able to tap into an underutilized resource and have begun to leverage their existing sales staff to generate high quality leads.

How it works is simple, inexpensive and very effective. Each sales person gets his or her own identity online through the utilization of a custom website designed specifically to showcase inventory from one or more dealers they represent. The sales person is given all of the tools they need to market themselves, the inventory and celebrate their sales across multiple classified and social platforms.

Key Benefits:

  • Inspires marketing creativity
  • Empowers your sales team to generate more leads
  • Leverages more online real estate
  • Creates healthy competition amongst employees
  • keeps sales staff on the leading edge of online marketing
  • Gives identity and recognition to sales staff and their clients (testimonials)

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Posted: June 27, 2013 at 10:24 am | 854 views

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