Get the best use out of CRM Integration

Get the best use out of CRM Integration

Every dealership should define processes on how to handle internet, phone, SMS and email leads. Autoxloo understands CRM software from the ground and provide you with all of the necessary tools. Give your sales force what they need to operate precisely in the market to enhance your dealership’s performance.

SMS, Live chat, Email and Phone Integration is the solution to all you problems. Sales people can email or call the client directly from the CRM. All the conversation history is recorded in the system. The Autoxloo CRM can function both independently or integrate with existing business processes and moreover Autoxloo DMS.

Organize the data in a structured manner. Integrated CRM will save your staff lots of time by preventing them from entering the same information twice. Better organization of the data will reduce the time needed by your staff in locating crucial information. Track and log all inbound/outbound calls, emails, live chat and SMS communication from CRM in real time.

The most comprehensive CRM in the automotive industry:

  • Complete Customer History
  • Secure Conversation Recording
  • Personalized Client Experience
  • Efficient Lead Queue
  • Variety of strategies
  • Convenient central database
  • Tracking sales leads from start to close
  • Managing marketing campaigns

When it comes to CRM, you want your sales managers to interact with the system quickly and be able to make decisions on those seconds they can afford to glance at the system. Waste of time is the least of your worries with Autoxloo’s CRM.

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