Content Marketing As A SEO Strategy For Your Website

Content Marketing As A SEO Strategy For Your Website

Would you like to promote your inventory unobtrusively? Would you like to discover the information tricks which are useful for buyers, gaining their confidence and attracting potential customers? Or would you like to promote the high-quality, relevant and valuable information which is not an advertising itself, but which indirectly brings the audience to take the necessary step? If yes, welcome to Content Marketing!

Content Marketing is a complex of marketing techniques. They will effectively attract the attention of your audience, help to win the users’ trust and subtly promote a vehicle or a service on the market. The ways of spreading the informational content can be very different like websites, blogs, social networks, mailing, news platforms, subscriptions to newsletters, podcasts, seminars, webinars, conferences, video portals, etc. The goal of the free distribution of information is not to advertise the specific products or services, but to inform the audience about the general situation in this market segment, the events taking place in it, the problem solutions related to it, and the ways your products or services help to solve these problems. Using Content Marketing you can inform a clearly defined user category about your own offers in a relaxed and easy way.

Content Marketing allows the dealers to achieve a variety of purposes in their car dealer business, including the work on your leader reputation, the increase of the direct sales, the introduction of radically new inventory or services and their promotion to the market.

Content Marketing achieves such business goals as:

  • increasing your brand awareness on the market;
  • becoming an opinion leader in your field;
  • increasing the targeted traffic;
  • standing out from your rivals ;
  • getting high quality leads;
  • enhancing the conversion rates on your website.

According to Content Marketing Institute

  • 90% of B2C marketers use Content Marketing
  • B2C marketers use 12 tools of Content Marketing on average
  • B2C companies invest about 24% of the advertising budget in Content Marketing
  • 60% of companies plan to increase their budget for Content Marketing in the next 12 months

Advantages of using Content Marketing

The results show that Content Marketing provides a significant rise in the traffic growth, that is search traffic, brand traffic, traffic received from the social networks, and traffic received from the sources where your content is spread.

Content Marketing influences the growth of your dealership and brand awareness, the audience’s loyalty to your company and the image of your company as an opinion leader.

The growth of the audience involvement increases multifold and is shown in page views, visit depth, the average time spent on the website, entry/exit points, and bounce rate.

Content Marketing guarantees the conversion growth which is expressed in extension of the conversion funnel, increase of relative and absolute conversion, and better quality leads.

In Autoxloo we know how to make your content work for your dealer website benefit. We create, optimize and distribute the content for car dealer business to win your customers’ trust in the global web and social networks. Our SEO techniques are based on the detailed analysis of the whole automotive market and of the customers’ needs. We will help you inform the consumer correctly about the useful information you have and, herewith, turn your lead into a client.

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