Are Walk-in Sales a Thing of the Past?

Are Walk-in Sales a Thing of the Past?

Having a customer who actually stops into your dealership without doing any prior comparison shopping on the internet is extremely rare in today’s market. Depending on the area of the country you operate your business you are more likely to get foreign travelers browse your dealership, but closing that sale is always challenging .

Its clear to see that walk in sales will never be able to sustain a dealership especially in these tough economic times. Don’t let yourself become one of the many who had to shutter their doors because they were afraid to adapt to today’s technological world.

Potential customers find the information they want  almost exclusively from the internet through various online listing sites like Ebay, Autotrader and to name a few. These sites provide the customer 24 hour access to shop, compare, inspect (Carfax, AutoCheck) and ask questions about any number of vehicles quickly and efficiently.

The problem with just listing your inventory with these sites is that there is no avenue for that visitor to see the rest of your inventory all in one place and without the competition there to distract them. The solution is to integrate your entire inventory into a fully functional Dealer Management System where you can redirect those potential customers back to your own website and get control of the sales process.

Having a virtual showroom that provides all the tools needed for a customer to find a car they wish to purchase, make an offer, submit a loan application, trade in their existing vehicle and get their new car delivered  is priceless! With AutoXloo’s Dealer Management System all of that and more is possible for only $99 per month.

Guaranteed Results or You Don’t Pay – its that simple! Call AutoXloo today at (727) 475–4455 for more information or schedule a webinar demonstration.

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Posted: April 14, 2009 at 5:40 pm | 556 views

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