Meet Autoxloo at Digital Dealer Virtual 2020

Meet Autoxloo at Digital Dealer Virtual 2020

Meet Autoxloo at the Digital Dealer virtual convention that is scheduled for October 6-7, 2020 to reduce costs, improve the profitability of your dealership, and grow in sales. The expo attracts car dealers and professionals of the automotive market from the U.S. and the world. As one of the leaders in the car dealer software industry, Autoxloo will be attending this online event.

At Autoxloo we feel proud to be part of this important event and demonstrate visitors the most innovative and sophisticated dealer management software for the automotive industry. We have more than 15 years of experience working hand in hand with small, medium, and large automotive companies to help them reach the goals in sales. At Autoxloo, we provide a whole range of auto dealer software, products, and services to increase online and offline sales, brand awareness, and the online reputation of your dealership. The always demanding international audience at the Digital Dealer virtual conference expects to meet the best companies and their best services. Autoxloo is a car dealer software provider with the most competitive products on the market. During the Digital Dealer Virtual 2020, the visitors will have the opportunity to discover compelling and unique retail and wholesale software solutions. Autoxloo is the first and only DMS provider to have fully functional and independent online Cloud Dealer Management System. We’ll demo this outstanding service and will open it to the public at Digital Dealer Virtual 2020. Among our vast range of auto dealer software, products, and services available, you can learn in detail about the leading-edge solutions for your dealership, such as:

  • SimCasts™: The Auction App for Your Business
  • Autoxloo is committed to improving the overall dealer experience with our functional auction app. Simcasts™ enables dealers to choose how and when they want to participate in live auctions. SimCasts™ Mobile Dashboard is the best auto dealer software solution for mobile devices.

  • AuctionLink™ Multi-listing and Co-listing
  • Expose your dealership inventory in front of millions of potential buyers from anywhere in the world. With our AuctionLink™ data feed, we will push your vehicle inventory to the top online automotive marketplaces like SmartAuction, OVE, and Adesa.

  • Live Video Streaming™
  • The Live Video Streaming™ application is at the top of lead generation services for automotive dealers and commercial truck dealers. The Autoxloo LVS™ enables a salesperson to provide a live video tour of any vehicle in the inventory.

  • Vehicle Inspection Report™
  • Build customer confidence by providing accurate and precise information about the true condition of the vehicle. Vehicle Inspection Report™ from Autoxloo provides a real-time data stream, storage, reports, and data distribution. VIR™ fully satisfies dealers’ and customers’ needs and helps to reach more online buyers.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • CMR services and dealer management software are with no doubt imperative to succeed in the highly competitive automobile market.

But not every CRM system can do what your dealership needs. With Autoxloo CRM you’ll get an outstanding and easy-to-use service that will simplify the workflow of your dealership.

With our fully integrated customer management solution, you can assign leads, set escalation, keep track of all lead activity, and monitor your sales staff performance. These are just some characteristics of this powerful tool, which will simplify the way you work, facilitate communication between your teams, and increase sales with less effort.

Don’t miss this great opportunity and attend one of the most important events for the world of automotive technology. Schedule a meeting with Autoxloo at the Digital Dealer virtual convention to see how our products work live and to acquire the most state-of-the-art technology for your dealership. Our professional team will lead you step by step so that your business can get optimum online and offline sales results. See the detailed list of cutting-edge products and services that Autoxloo offers to your dealership.

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