Advertise your Dealership with Photos

Advertise your Dealership with Photos

A great eye-catching photo can break the mould nowadays.  People are searching for photos in Internet that inspire and represent their lifestyle, feelings, emotions. We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Photos spark an emotional connection in a way that text cannot. That’s why brands everywhere are becoming more visual.

Take your time selecting photos. Photos are the biggest lead generator you have at your disposal. The more photos you have, the more leads you will generate, and the more sales you will make. Having several great photos of every car on your lot is the most effective way to increase your sales. To achieve even better results use our Canned Images module which allows you to upload your advertisements between your vehicle photos images. You can change order of these images and preview how it will look inside DMS. And after that enjoyed perfect advertisements.

Dealers who use Canned Images generate more interaction with their listings. Websites with Canned Images garner significantly more traffic to their online Vehicle Detail pages.  Promote your specials and be noticed, make every moment a Call-To-Action. Make your ads memorable. Canned Images are an affordable marketing and branding opportunities for any budget.

Advertise your strongest asset – your dealership. Use creative and relevant methods to advertise it with us. Autoxloo is always there to make sure your product images stand out above your competition.

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